Vienna : The First Rendezvous

Regardless of the nature, either work or leisure, it's always important to keep pushing the envelope. The Indian Footsteps this time took a giant stride and crossed the seas and oceans, pushed the envelope and overcome the boundaries of nations and continents. The urge to explore bought us to the west world. The Indian Footsteps … Continue reading Vienna : The First Rendezvous

Shivasamudram Waterfalls- Where beauty rises

Searching for a place to visit near Bangalore lists out enough options to kill your weekend blues and turn them into eye catching greens. One such places is Shivasamudram waterfalls, which is at approximately 170 km from Bangalore in the city of Shivasamudram. These falls are created after cutting of rocks by River Cauvery. It's … Continue reading Shivasamudram Waterfalls- Where beauty rises