Venice – It’s a feeling!!!

Born out of the shallow waters of Venetian lagoon, is the place like no other. The city that literally floats on water or at least appears to be, was the greatest port of the world at one time. Built by the Venetian merchants to protect from Adriatic, this city of wealth now known as "city of masks" , "city of water", "city of bridges", "queen of Adriatic" is unique in every possible way. This welcoming city of Venice can be overwhelming by admirers but if traveled patiently, this city can return the most profound moments of bliss and beauty.

Vienna : The First Rendezvous

Regardless of the nature, either work or leisure, it's always important to keep pushing the envelope. The Indian Footsteps this time took a giant stride and crossed the seas and oceans, pushed the envelope and overcome the boundaries of nations and continents. The urge to explore bought us to the west world. The Indian Footsteps … Continue reading Vienna : The First Rendezvous

Somnath & Dwarka – Spiritual Sojourn

Travelling is more than just seeing different physical forms of nature, it's also the continuous interaction with different cultures that adds to the ecstasy of travelling. Temples in India not only serve the purpose of religious centers but also provide a trip down the historical aisles of this one of the oldest civilizations. Our trip … Continue reading Somnath & Dwarka – Spiritual Sojourn