Shivasamudram Waterfalls- Where beauty rises

Searching for a place to visit near Bangalore lists out enough options to kill your weekend blues and turn them into eye catching greens. One such places is Shivasamudram waterfalls, which is at approximately 170 km from Bangalore in the city of Shivasamudram. These falls are created after cutting of rocks by River Cauvery. It's … Continue reading Shivasamudram Waterfalls- Where beauty rises

Somnath & Dwarka – Spiritual Sojourn

Travelling is more than just seeing different physical forms of nature, it's also the continuous interaction with different cultures that adds to the ecstasy of travelling. Temples in India not only serve the purpose of religious centers but also provide a trip down the historical aisles of this one of the oldest civilizations. Our trip … Continue reading Somnath & Dwarka – Spiritual Sojourn