Venice – It’s a feeling!!!

Born out of the shallow waters of Venetian lagoon, is the place like no other. The city that literally floats on water or at least appears to be, was the greatest port of the world at one time.

Built by the Venetian merchants to protect from Adriatic, this city of wealth now known as “city of masks” , “city of water“, “city of bridges“, “queen of Adriatic” is unique in every possible way.

This welcoming city of Venice can be overwhelming by admirers but if traveled patiently, this city can return the most profound moments of bliss and beauty.



We landed at the Treveso airport in late afternoon, from where it takes 40 minutes to reach the heart of Venice by bus. We reached Piazzale Roma where we booked our stay.
By the evening after freshening up, the trip started around the city of Venice.



Streets of Venice

A walk across the narrow streets of Venice is like walking in preserved secrets of history. These narrow streets surrounded by the centuries old buildings have feel which is one of a kind.



Restaurants with really cool and casual ambiance and a “live in the moment” kind of vibes really keep the eyes open.



This is a place where one can see a “boat jam”, which is like a normal traffic jam replaced by boats.



After walk of quite some distance, we reached the oldest bridge over the Grand Canal.

Rialto Bridge


This is a stone arch bridge over a Grand Canal in Venice. It is the oldest bridge and still in use. Initially built on the ships, this bridge was re-built using wood and then stone as the traffic in the Rialto market increased.


This bridge is one of the favourite tourist spots in Venice and is usually crowded in the evening.


We had our dinner in one of the restaurants around as we gazed through the reflections across the Grand Canal. It was really a sigh of satisfaction as this amazing treasure of Venice was opening in front of us.

Grand canal


This is the most important waterway for Venice stretching along for nearly 3.8 kms. This is the lifeline of Venice and the reason to come to Venice.

By each side there are massive buildings built between 12th and 17th century, testifying to the great designing skills of that time.


This has been the center of trade from middle ages where merchants from all over the world came and docked there ships.


There are four bridges built across the canal with each of them built in different eras.
A ride along the canal is actually the true way to experience Venice and perhaps the way Venice is imagined to be thanks to all the movies shot there (both Bollywood and Hollywood alike).


The canal ends in the St Mark’s where the basin opens.

The Grand canal is still the most ambitious place to be in and probably live. All palaces around this area to be seen in water bus as there is no pedestrian access from the canal.


We went back to the hotel for some sleep. The next day, we continued our journey in the city via the fourth and most recently built bridge over the canal.

Ponte Della constituzione – the glass bridge


It is the fourth bridge designed over Grand Canal, connecting Piazzale Roma in the south to the railway station on the north.
It is a very sophisticated and modern structure in terms of design and gives a very beautiful view of the Grand canal.


But this bridge has been a controversial entity as a lot of accidents have happened on this bridge. Fortunately we were safe and sound during our visit. This can be avoided especially by small children and elderly people.

Finally we reached the central part of the city. And the most important place of the cityscape.

St. Marks square


It is the principal square of the city and known “la piazza” in general. It’s the only square in Venice with the title “piazza” while the rest are called “campo”.

It is considered as one of the finest squares in the world and a centerpiece to Venice. This has long been a place to see and be seen in Venice.


It is like standing on a stage where the world revolves around you. Despite being in the crowd, the feeling of standing out is what one can feel at this place.

There are lots of restaurants around which are definitely not pocket friendly. Also there are a lot small shops to buy souvenirs like masks and other accessories.


The square is paved by natural stones and designed in a very complicated manner. The St. Marks square is adorned by a number of beautiful architectural jewels but there is none quite like the St. Marks basilica.

St. Marks basilica


This church was built in 9th century to the house of San Marcos. It is a great example of the Romanesque-Byzantine style of architecture.


This building covered by five domes was originally built to guard the body of evangelist Marco, robbed by two merchants of his tomb in Alexandria.

Also most of the treasures housed here came for crusades and Constantinople, which was the capital of Roman Empire. This church built with marble and stones is an exemplary work of art and architecture alike.


The mosaic inside the church is astonishing depicting stories and lifestyles of the past.
The church has a huge bell tower which once collapsed and was re-built.

It is one of the most beautifully designed churches in the world, which accomodates a rich heritage and priceless jewels of art and wealth.

Though there is no charge for entry in the church but there is a fee for the tour of museum .

Food in Venice


Venice is probably the most famous tourist spot in the world and that clearly shows in the price of the food items. The food is quite expensive compared to other places and also low on quantity.


If one is not aware of the restaurants around, there are chances of being served the not so authentic Italian food.


Travelling in Venice is an experience like no other because it is a place like no other.
The feeling of walking on water with your feet on the ground is amazing.

Venice despite being heavily crowded still makes you part of it.

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One has to keep check on the belongings while traveling across the city but despite its limitations it can make every other place envious of its ambiance.


Places like this are the reason one has to travel around the world.

Addio Venice !!!

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