48 Hours : Ooty and Coonoor

Ooty, the hill station located in the state of Tamil Nadu in India is the most famous hill station of South India.

There are two ways to reach Ooty from Bangalore, either you go via Mysore or you reach Coimbatore and start your journey from there. We chose the latter primarily because we wanted our bike ride to be short.

We started our journey from Bangalore to Coimbatore at night at around 11 and reached Coimbatore early morning at around 6 by bus.


Day 1

We had a short stay of few hours at a friend’s place and after that we rented a motorcycle for rest of the journey from WheelStreet. Can you guess the name of the bike? Well, Bajaj Avenger (aren’t we loving it).


We started at around 11 from Coimbatore along the route to reach Ooty. After an hour so, we were glad that we decided for this bike trip. The route is beautiful.


Travelling across small towns and roads which are adorned on both sides by beautiful coconut trees. It was a pleasant journey. As we reached closer to our destination, we could see the majestic hills crowned by clouds, but we didn’t hurry because our road was as good as our destination.


On our way we found a place we never heard of before, just near to Ooty, called Coonoor.

This green paradise is embellished by tea gardens and huge trees, spreading to the distance as far as visible to the naked eye.

We had tea and fritters at a stall for, relaxation and an obvious urge during the weather that was there.


It started raining heavily but we already prepared ourselves for that. We put on our raincoats, slowly and steadily, we headed towards Ooty.

Because of the rain, we reached a little late to what we expected. We checked into our hotel R.K Holiday Homes which was at a height and one could see the city from there. The hotel was very comfortable and we were greeted by a friendly staff.



We came to know that most of the places get closed by 5 p.m. so we went to one place that is a major attraction and remains open till 7 p.m.

Ooty lake


This is centric to the hill station and quite a lively place to be at. There are number of stalls at the entrance serving food stuffs and entertainment stalls with games for children.

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There is also a rail track near to the lake for touring around in train, which was closed when we reached. Boating is also a major attraction in the Ooty lake.



From there we roamed around the area and looked for some good food. We found a restaurant serving biryani and decided to give it a try. The food was nice if not great.


After eating, we went to our hotel where we had second dinner (hunger of course) and called the day off. Our hotel had their own kitchen where they prepare food when requested so one has to tell them beforehand. Surprisingly, this was the best food in Ooty that we had.


Day 2

With so many places to be seen we woke up early and had our breakfast and it was one of the best dosa we ever had.

After that we rode to Rose Garden.


This is a huge garden with so many roses that it’s hard to remember if you can see so many variations of roses anywhere else.



The entry fees for Rose garden including camera and parking was 120₹.


The view from the garden is amazing as it feels like valley surrounded by green hills and small houses adding a splash of colours.


Near to that is a very serene and silent place called Murugan temple.


This temple is marked by a huge statue of lord Murugan which is one of a kind.


The temple was not crowded and the enchantments were blissful.



From the temple we headed for the highest peak in Nilgiris mountain range, called Doddabetta which is around 9000 ft high. The way to the peak is really scenic and charming.




We reached the peak via road and parked our bike just before the entrance. The place was unusually crowded but once we got the view from the peak, it balanced out the environment around.


LogoLicious_20190330_135536From Doddabetta we went for botanical gardens which was in the heart of the city.


This is a huge garden with a glasshouse in the centre and so many statues, trees and small structures jewelled inside it.


This too was crowded but the artistic constructions were really eye pleasing.

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The entrance price to Botanical garden 100₹ inclusive of still photography camera fee.






After completing the sightseeing of this huge garden, we decided to ride back to Coimbatore as we had a bus to catch at night.

On our way back, we stopped at a beautiful tea estate in Wellington near Coonoor and saw the sun setting across.



We stayed there for half an hour to soak in the amazing and pure air and treat our eyes with the natural beauty of the place.

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Well we switched onto our Google maps for direction and ended up being on another route which connects to Coimbatore via Mettupalayam.


The road is very narrow filled with hairpin bends for the initial stretch. But as we drove through the hills, it was a different experience altogether.



Though after sometime it felt a little suspicious because we could not get any mobile signals and the route had no traffic at all. We decided to continue as no other option looked feasible. Fortunately, we saw a car coming from the opposite direction which confirmed that the route was correct.

Finally, we reached Coimbatore at around 10 at night. We returned our motorcycle and caught our bus to reach back Bangalore.

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