Florence and Pisa : The Medieval Times

Florence : The birth place of modernization

If you ever wondered what an art gallery with a size of a city looks like, visit Florence.

This amazing capital city of Italy’s Tuscany region is home to one of the biggest movements or rather a period in human history. The period called renaissance, yes, the bridge between the middle ages and the modern age that we live in.

It’s hard to keep track of what you are seeing in Florence to what you have seen because such is the treasure of art and culture that this city holds.

Our trip kick started in the evening and the welcome was unexpectedly overwhelming. We got to eat authentic Indian food at one of the restaurants. Such nostalgia on a trip far away from home was satisfactory but nothing in comparison to what was in store for us.

After a good sleep, we started our excursion, the next morning.


First we reached the heart of Florence.

Piazza Della Signorina

This place has been centric to the history of the city. Overlooked by prominent by Palazzo Vecchio, this central square is perfect starting point to look around Florence.

Palazzo Vecchio : The town hall of Florence

The place is adorned with statues that are closest to what perfection might be.


The artworks that are definitive milestones in art and architecture till this date, it really sets the tune for the trip around Florence. With structures like galleria dell academia which houses the most wonderful work of the greatest known sculptor ever, Michelangelo.


Judith and Holofernes
The Equestrian Monument of Cosimo I


The Abduction of the Sabine Women


Hercules and Cacus



Perseus With the Head of Medusa


Medici lions

The most famous work of his, statue of David is kept in galleria dell academia.


Walking around the city, we reached Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio

This medieval stone bridge across Arno river is a bliss when you travel around Florence on foot.


This bridge has shops built along it which was quite a common site during the medieval ages.


In the ever intriguing art of the city, this place gives you the time to soak in the air and aroma of this wonderful city. A great place to relax your feet as well as your mind, it is really blissful.



From there to the Piazza Michelangelo.

Piazza Michelangelo

This piazza is built in the memory of the most notable person in the history of this city, Michelangelo. This piazza is decorated with beautiful copies of his work. There is also a copy of David at the centre of the piazza.



The piazza offers a top view of the city which is a singular experience like no other. The amazing skyline of Florence mounting over the treasury of art and culture is a memory, worth your arrival.



From there we headed for the most iconic place in Florence.

Florence cathedral (del Duomo)

Cathedral and churches are very common sites in whole of Europe but none quite like this. This architectural marvel is a beloved gem in the crown of Florence.


This cathedral is built in classic Mediterranean style, which was a primary event in renaissance as it rejected the medieval Gothic style.

The most distinct characteristic of the cathedral is its dome called Brunelleschi’s dome which is the largest masonry dome in the world with half the size of football field and about 10 stories high.


This cathedral took 140 years to be completed and one can understand why. We were completely dumbfounded by the sheer size of this engineering masterpiece.


After all the historical site seeing which is pretty much the entire Florence, we strolled around the city and saw some amazing fashion houses and boutiques built like heritage homes.


Florence is a city with panache and flamboyance and it is worthy of every second you spend here.


From there we went to visit the nearby city of Pisa for the obvious reason.

Pisa: Where the wonder lies

We reached Pisa by afternoon and it was bright sunny day.



Pisa is a well known city around the world for its iconic Leaning tower. Often popping up in wonders of the world, this 56 metre high marble cylindrical shaped tower is wonderful indeed.


Surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens, and looked upon by piazza del miracoli, this place gives very comforting vibes.




Hopping across the complex and clicking the mandatory hold the tower picture for hours, got us tired and we slept on the grass around it to relax and it worked perfectly. The blue sky above, the green grass beneath and the overlooking tower, everything seemed perfect.




After spending some more time we left Pisa by evening.


This elegant trip across the two beautiful cities of Italy, let us discover the fun of streets, the depth of art and Italian style of living.

And we carried on to our journey across this amazing country.


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