Budapest – Where Ying meets Yang

We reached one of the most livable and beautiful places in the continent of Europe,the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

The city has a deep historical reminiscence as it has been subjugated under different powerful empires such as Ottoman empire and Hungarian empire.

The two parts of the city, Buda and Pest are separated by the river Danube, linked together, through seven bridges, leaving behind the tales of war and peace.


It wasn’t easy to bring the two parts together as they are often described as two different personalities of the same place.


Buda is more suburban and low key whereas pest is where the party begins and ends.
The cultures and topography are also distinctive between the two parts, which makes this even more admirable.

And so we begin our sight seeing with the symbol of connectivity.

The chain bridge

This was the first permanent stone bridge connecting the two cities, and only the second bridge crossing the whole length of Danube.


This bridge has been linking cultures ever since it was proposed. Its construction is contributed by people of different ethnicity. Proposed by a Hungarian, designed by the plans of a British and financed by a Viennese, this magnificent structure hangs on iron-chains, thus the “Chain Bridge”.


Just like most other structures, this bridge couldn’t escape the wrath of World War II as it was blown up during the siege of Budapest and then re-built.

The gigantic nature and strength of this structure is felt when one travels across it. But it’s real charm comes out during evening when the sun sets. It is lit up and appears to be an incredible passage of lights connecting Buda to the Pest.


It is totally apt that this bridge featured in Katy Perry’s music video “Firework”.


It is a sight worth the visit and should not be missed at any cost. From there to the astounding Night view of Buda Castle.

Buda Castle

This is literally the most royal structure in Budapest, also one of the UNESCO world Heritage sites, has been the dwelling place for the kings of Budapest.

It’s a huge complex with numerous building enclosed within it. But it’s when one see this place night that it leaves you perplexed.


It’s like watching a castle of gold at the side of a river, truly royal, majestic and spell bounding.



From the historic autocratic era to the modern political symbol.

The Hungarian parliament

This iconic and majestic building is the symbol of independence of Hungary from Austria and the seat of national assembly of Hungary.


The design of this building has changed over the years in compliance with the political changes of the country. Currently, it is characterized by the Gothic style architecture which is quiet prevalent in the continent.


Built along the Danube, this massive structure leaves one in awe and praise for its beauty. During the evening the lit up structure casts it’s image in the Danube offering a memorable site for the tourists which clearly justifies it’s popularity among them.


Since the evening was pleasantly cold and the beauty of Budapest was lighting up, we decided to take a boat ride across Danube.


Moving across this great river with the marvels of Budapest in their full glory it couldn’t have been better.


The next day we started our journey to a structure of religious momentous.

St. Stephen’s basilica

This basilica named after the first king of Hungary, is the third largest church in Hungary. Initially a theatre, this place grew by the support of believers and kept on growing over time.

It has a neo classical style of architecture and a mind blowing fact associated with it. It is of the same height as the Austrian parliament which signifies the importance of worldly political and religious thinking.

This is also a house for various concerts and popular among the musical community. The perfect blend of religion and worldly pleasures, it is truly a place to understand and interpret.


The primary feature of this basilica are the two towers which stand tall and distinct in the city. These towers are adorned by six huge bells which are build at different times and dedicated to different icons.

After all this footsteps went up the castle hill to fetch a pail of memories and didn’t roll down that fast.



On our way up the hill we saw the freedom statue or the liberty statue which is built in the memory of Soviet liberation of Hungary.



The statue is a prominent feature in Budapest cityscape.

The fisherman’s bastion

This place is definitely at the top of the places to see in Budapest because of its distinction and ability to teleport one to the land of fairy tales.


It was built in late 19th century to mark 1000th birthday of the Hungarian state.
It is so fascinating that we missed bringing a horse and Armour (which we wish we owned).

The history of bastion resonates with that of Budapest, its architecture changed dynamically with its siege and re building. What started out as Neo-Romanesque style, combined the later developed Gothic style.


The bastion was built as viewing terrace with lookout towers for locals. It no longer served as a fort but a realm to visit history. Walking around doesn’t charge anything and it’s open 24×7.


It’s crowded most of the time and for the right reasons but still is big enough for tourists to enjoy with ease.


The Matthias church

This church is a Roman catholic Church located in front of the fisherman’s bastion.

The first church at this place is believed to be built in 11th century which was destroyed by mongol raids. The church was later constructed as ” the church of Mary”. It is characterized by a huge tower and seven bells.



This iconic structure also has the distinction of being printed on the postal stamps in Hungary.


The place was closed when we reached but it was still a great experience with its beautiful exterior.



Nightlife in Budapest

This where the ball goes out of the park. As the sun sets and the creatures of night come out for something called pub crawl. The entire place becomes one big party. With pubs and restaurants entirely filled up and people from all over the world present, it’s one crazy outing.


But amidst all that it’s important to keep your belongings in check. It’s like a big house party and everyone is invited. The party goes on till the morning till the sun comes up.

Budapest is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world and now we know why.
After experiencing a perfect blend of a cultural and historical encounters mixed an amazing nightlife and party fiesta, we moved along our journey across this wonderful part of the world.

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