Shivasamudram Waterfalls- Where beauty rises

Searching for a place to visit near Bangalore lists out enough options to kill your weekend blues and turn them into eye catching greens.

One such places is Shivasamudram waterfalls, which is at approximately 170 km from Bangalore in the city of Shivasamudram. These falls are created after cutting of rocks by River Cauvery.


It’s best suited if one is looking for a complete trip back and forth in one day or less.
We started early morning at 4:30 a.m. on our bike. The weather was perfect with dense clouds covering the entire sky.


The trip felt comfortable with good roads, no traffic and beautiful scenes on both sides.
We crossed places like Ramnagara, Chinnapatana, Maddur. One can stop at Ramnagara which is famous for trekking and climbing. The Bollywood movie Sholay was shot here. But due to the lack of time and unpredictable weather we had to skip it.


With the morning still young and strong air blowing across the fields on either sides. It was a joyful ride.


We took a break before our destination somewhere in between and clicked some beautiful picture of the fields across.


We reached the entry gate of the Irrigation area which is the gateway for the waterfalls.  The entry was free and we went ahead with barrages, canals and government cottages around. The area was well maintained and clean and the air was fresh and refreshing.


This was all good but probably nothing in comparison what was in store for us.
We reached the viewpoint and it was just fantastic. The two streams running down the hill, cutting through rocks and forming small pond before falling further down the hill.


The falls were elegant but nothing in comparison to the majestically state that we saw on our previous trip after the monsoons. But somehow the sight had more tranquility than before. On both the occasions, there was a different feel for the place. The extravagant display of power to the more soothing flow, these waterfalls are equally mesmerizing.



The water was glittering like diamonds while falling through the crevices, roaring like a lion and calm as a monk after settling down. It was simply, poetry in motion.


The purity of the water was visible even at a distance from the falls. We sat there for an hour and rode again to find another such spot with more nature and less crowd because sometimes you need a break.


We found a way to reach a place where the water from the river is accumulated and passed to the nearest barrage for irrigation.


There was absolutely nobody there. We decided to take bath. Though it’s quite dangerous and slippery, we took the chance and found a suitable place where water was very clean.


There was no sign of human life around, except us. The chirping of birds, the roaring of sky, the sound of flowing water and the melancholy music that we played on our mobile phones. The sight of flock of birds flying, small green hills, canal plants, fishes, water, dark clouds and their reflection on the water.


It can only be described as a tryst with the nature in the pale sunlight under the open sky.


After we wrapped everything up, we came to know that it’s not allowed to bath at that place as it’s prohibited due to the danger of drowning. The policemen told us that quite a few people have drowned at the place. Fortunately, we didn’t and lets say lived to tell the story.


The dream weekend became a reality. With no prior expectations from this trip,it unfolded the sweetest and the most beautiful mystery reminding that you can never get enough from travel and enough of nature.


It taught that sometimes small trips bring the biggest joys. This trip is short on words and high on experience.


The path to eternal bliss is not always smooth.

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