Festa De Diu !!

Sun, sea and sand. The combination is a perfect setup for a relaxed escapade from the regular life. The footsteps headed towards the western part of India for a chilled out break, in the territory of Diu. After a joyful and long journey from Ahmedabad, we reached Diu at around 8 at night.


We rented 2 scooters from a shop just opposite to the bus stand and headed for our hotel. Since it was Diwali that day, the hotel was  glittering with lights and mood of festivity was in the air. We freshened up and had some food, which was both, delicious and fulfilling at the same time and later in night, we went to Nagoa beach.



The weather was pleasant and the festivities of Diwali were around. The fireworks were lighting the black sky as if a supernova occurred in the dark space. The reflection of this on the endless sea created a majestic view which can only be described as ” magical”. We gazed at the sky for hours till almost midnight.


We went back at our hotel to get some sleep and to get ready for the wonderful treat the next day.

We woke up at around 6 and headed towards INS memorial to see the rising sun. The roads were empty and it was a lot of fun driving with beautiful sights around. We reached the memorial and climbed to the view point.



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The next thing we saw left us in awe. The morning sun was embellishing the sea with its rays. The purity of the wind filled our lungs with oxygen and our hearts with joy.  We stood their and soaked in the feel the feel of being free and away from the world.

Then we headed for the Jalandhar Beach, which is near to the INS Memorial. The beach was clean and there was nobody else other than us. It was almost like a private beach for us and we had a lot of fun.


The sand was crystal clear and the so was the sky. The sun was above us in the clear sky, the sand was beneath our feet and the endless sea was in front of us.

The next stop was Naida Caves which were close by. The caves appeared golden during day as sunlight fell on it. It was beautiful and adventurous. The place is amazing for clicking pictures and has a mystic appearance. Silence and adventure trickle down into your senses as soon as you enter these caves.


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Then we moved on to our next spot, the Diu Fort. This ancient structure was built by Portuguese during their colonial rule. Though it’s not as humungous as the other forts we’ve seen,The magnificent structure  gave a great view of the city and the sea. Just adjoining the fort was the Lighthouse.


Since we reached in daytime, the place was crowded and the quite hot. We didn’t stay there much longer, but managed to click some pictures from the fort and then headed back to the hotel.


On our way back, we stayed at Nagoa beach for sometime. There were water sports facilities like jet skiing and parasailing. It was crowded and a lot of restaurants and bars were serving that time.


The driving experience in Diu is amazing and this union territory stands out in cleanliness. The people are also helpful and the nature is all so gracious.

The most striking part is though it’s a small place and you can cover so many spots in a very short time, you can stay here as long as you want and revisit these places again and again for the true serendipity.


At last, we reached hotel, packed our bags and went to the bus stand as we had to catch our bus to the next destination.










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