Rann of Kutch – Desert Rose

Three friends from different parts of the country looking for a reunion decided to do so in one of the most unusual terrain they have ever seen. We planned for about 2 weeks and decided to cover Kalo Dungar (black hill) along with the White Desert.


Since we had to cover both the places in one day, we planned to go to Kalo Dungar first and Rann of Kutch as we wanted to see the famous night sky.

We reached Bhuj in the morning, from where, our journey was supposed to start on the Avenger street bikes we pre-booked.In a matter of some time, we were on our way to the Great Rann of Kutch. As soon as the main road started we could sense it coming. We stopped on our way for some snacks and stuff as we were told that it would be hard to find anything close to the white desert.

As we resumed our road trip, we saw what we can only describe as magnificent and roaring sand storm. As we passed through it, adrenaline rushed through our body. It was incredible how nature even being barren could look as wonderful as a lush green forest or a snow capped mountain.


The feeling was just as stated by Bajaj Avenger tagline ” Feel like God “.

We reached the check point where on our left was “The White Desert” and ahead was “Kalo Dungar”. We rode to Kalo Dungar first as planned. The change of fauna in the region was amazing as we could see greenery around our way to Kalo Dungar. Small habitation at regular intervals was giving a perfect desi feel to our trip.

The road was a bit rough but we held on. We could see ourselves going up in altitude towards the highest point in the region crossing small hills.  Finally, we reached Kalo Dungar. The atmosphere was festive and colourful. There was camel ride available for a short distance and the Dattatreya temple was blissful.

The view from the sunset point was captivating and one can see the whole region where the sand meets the White Desert. We stayed there for couple of hours and headed for White Desert.


This time we took another route for White desert which was through it. Wind with great velocity coming towards us and bringing the sand mixed with salt long with it. We made through it and finally reached the check point for White Desert. The desert didn’t solidify completely but it made it look even more mesmerizing. We stayed there for more than 4 hours till the stars came up in the clear night sky above us. Just seeing the view overhead, we were ecstatic and exuberant by our decision. It was nothing like what we have ever seen.

With the wind blowing and creating ripples in the semi solidified stretch of white sand and the sky as clean as it can get. The sky was full of stars and it appeared as if the whole Milky way was upon us.


We left as the gates were about to close and made our way back to Bhuj.

8 thoughts on “Rann of Kutch – Desert Rose

  1. Wow……the way the blog has depicted this place, certainly will make anyone to add this place in their go-to list. Keep exploring…….Keep sharing…… 🙂

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